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4th Pyramid - Pyramid Scheme (CD)
4th Pyramid - Twice As Strong (T-Shirt)

& a FREE copy of Sheen Bros (4th Pyramid & Cosmo Baker) - It's So Hot 12" EP on vinyl.

About the EP:
Amazing Ltd. Edition Vinyl promo EP from Sheen Bros - a collabo between Toronto MC/Producer 4th Pyramid & Brooklyn via Philly DJ extraordinaire Cosmo Baker.

Includes the original version featuring the legendary Greg Nice & mixes by XXXChange, Torro Torro, The Miracles Club & The Whiskey Barons.

01 - It's So Hot Ft. Greg Nice
02 - It's So Hot Part 2 (XXXChange Remix)
03 - It's So Hot Part 3 (The Miracles Club Remix)
04 - It's So Hot Part 4 (Torro Torro Remix)
05 - It's So Hot Part 5 (Whiskey Barons Remix)